Welcome to NewSchooled

Ever feel lost at the New School, thinking to yourself: why am I here, what am I doing?

When was the last time you lost direction?

Do you ever wonder about what’s really going on with school funding, the administration, and politics, but don’t feel comfortable speaking out?

Have you ever thought that maybe there was a gap between what people are saying and what they’re doing, between the legacy and the present? Do you ever question the “radical” heritage of the new school? Were you brought here by the New School reputation, but can’t seem to find it?

Feel disoriented a bit? Good. Most of us do, we just don’t go through it together. That’s why we’re here. What you have before you is the first New School Disorientation guide in a decade. What is a DisO guide? A collective map through the twists and turns of New York City.

We made this to collect the echoes that of us through our disorientation.

Who is this we? A random unaffiliated group of students from different schools within “The New School” (A University, if you didn’t know).

Before you is the New Schooled Disorientation Guide.

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