Calling all feminists, equality-lovers, transfeminists, stereotype-breakers, role haters, and/or gender-fuckers!

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Moxie, the feminist organization of the New School, wants new members
(of all genders) to help plan events, play, and envision a campus (and
a world) without sexism and gender constraints! We have diverse views
on what feminism is and are open to your interpretation.

In the past, we’ve hosted our twice-annual film festival, Moxie Masturbation Month, the Vagina Monologues, a DIY Women’s Gyno Health event, and we’ve hula-hooped with OPEN.

This semester, we are continuing to knit blankets for kids in foster homes who come from families with domestic violence; host women-centered, freestyling ciphers with the amazing Toni Blackman and the Institute for Urban Education; and we are planning our first-ever Women Teaching Women Media Conference and are looking for people to run skillshares, organize workshops, or just help out in planning.

Come hang out and help make us who we are!

Campus Resources
What You Need to Know about The New School
NS Provides
Health & Body
Moxie Ladies’ Recommendations…
NS Provides
Know Your Body: Medical Care in NYC
How To Join
Founding Sisters
Current Leadership
Goodies & Fun
Places to Indulge
Change the World

Know Your Representatives (Senate, House)

Campus Resources


What You Need to Know about The New School


Your School, Your Rights.

Important facts to know about NSU


Policy and Conduct

In the student handbook the term Residence Hall means “any building, room, facility or premises owned and/or operated by New School for use as a dormitory…” While resident means (20)


  1. Why is this important? Because: “NSU reserves the right WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANGE”
  2. Also, “requires students to comply with any instruction”


Sexual Harassment is possible in any community and althought we all hope to not have to deal with it anywhere, especially in our community which ideally should be a safe space, it is still important to know NS’s policy on it. NS uses the Federual Equal Employment Opportunity Comission’s guidelines for sexual harassment for their faculty, however, because sexual harassment is strictly prohibited by the unicersity they are applied to the community as a whole. “”



NS Provides


What you Get (Mental & Physical Health Services)


NS provides these services FREE OF CHARGE:

Are covered, however your extensive/acute wor- observations, and aid will be added to your account as a student.


While attending NS many people have no idea about the services that are available to them, many of which free of charge thanks to someone’s hard earned pennies. These free or accessible amenities are also things one should know about ot get them through the upcoming year a little less stressed.

Besides the Uni automatically adds these fees to your account, so don’t feel bad. Instead let them help you feel good!


To find out more about what is available, please check out

Allergy Injections (provided you have the serum)

Birth Control Pills

Morning After Pill (and advice)

Dental Referral Services

HIV/AIDS Referral Services

SAFE Sex/Sexuality Counseling

Health Edu

Student Crisis Counseling

Gynecological Examinations and Routine services

Counseling services with licensed and experience health professionals.



Harassment, however, is not limited to sexual harassment, in which case as a feminist, feminist in the making, or plain old person, should know their rights and also as a student of the NS regardless of sexual or gender identitu it is important – Discrimintary Harassment. (Define)


*There are many more rights, policies and guidelines one should know as a student, including how to deal with conduct and harassment, the free exchange of ideas, and so on. If oyu would like to learn more about these things check out




Health & Body


Moxie Ladies’ Recommendations…


College tends to be hard on people’s body health. For many people it is a big change with lots of pressure. (And living in NYC * that it’s really hard!) When thinking about this guide some people suggested “mind/body/spirit”, I personally thought about Vegan food and stripping. What I realized is it is really up to each of us to decide our bodies are important and need taking care of whether that be image disorders, sex issues, healthy eating, pumping iron—whatever! Here are some specifics that I know help other Moxistas:

· Lots of good healthy Vegan food! Also potlucks, naked dinner parties, and free food at school events

· Free yoga, dance for credit, shaking booty for life, hula-hooping, biking, discounted iron pumping

· Friend support, getting naked for feminist money (, deep breathing, daily naps, on our backs

· Hot Pants DIY Gynecology, Our Bodies, Ourselves, The Keeper, Bloodsisters, Burlesque

Ok, so there is my body rant. Talk to any of us about specific questions and let us know if you want to run a body-related Moxie event.


PS: You have a sexy ass.


Women’s Health Hotline: 212-230-1111


NS Provides


While attending NS many people have no idea about the services that are available to them, many of which free of charge thanks to someone’s hard earned pennies. These free or accessible amenities are also things one should know about ot get them through the upcoming year a little less stressed.

Besides the Uni automatically adds these fees to your account, so don’t feel bad. Instead let them help you feel good!


To find out more about what is available, please check out

Allergy Injections (provided you have the serum)

Birth Control Pills

Morning After Pill (and advice)

Dental Referral Services

HIV/AIDS Referral Services

SAFE Sex/Sexuality Counseling

Health Edu

Student Crisis Counseling

Gynecological Examinations and Routine services

Counseling services with licensed and experience health professionals.




Keeping Yourself Save! 10 Tips

By Susan Bartelstone, Safetyologist™


  1. Avoid Problems. Use common sense and learn what actions and behaviors make you vulnerable to crime by collecting and studying safety information from as many sources as you can find.
  2. Early warning avoids problems. Be relaxed but aware of your surroundings. Practice ‘people-reading’ and ALWAYS listen to your instincts. Take action immediately if you sense danger.
  3. Don’t look like a ‘good’ victim. Adopt a confident, ‘non-victim’ manner (head up, shoulders back, a brisk firm walk, and a casual alertness) that will deter – defense problems.
  4. Be Mentally prepared. Identify at least 5 safety problems in your personal life—ie, coming home late at night, riding the subways, frequent business travel, a burglar breaking into your home when you are there. Formulate a safety plan for such problems and rehearse so you can act quickly and safely if something should happen.
  5. Defuse confrontations. Respond with a ‘non-victim’ attitude and act assertively. Don’t beg, plead, cry, or argue. Make eye contact unless the person is high, drunk, acting crazy, or enraged. Practice assertive verbal phrases that can be used to stall for time and/or set up an opportunity to take action.
  6. Yelling is a good deterrent. Don’t hesitate to draw attention to yourself or make a scene if you are in a dangerous situation. Attackers are often scared away by noise. Yelling also turns fear into anger.
  7. Use strategy if you are trapped. Keep a defensive spray lice Mace or a small fire extinguisher by your bed or in your car, at work, or wherever you feel vulnerable. Try to take the assailant by surprise.
  8. Fight to win. If you have no other choice but to fight, strike at the most vulnerable targets—eyes, ears, nose, throat, groin, knees, shin, instep. These targets take the lease amount of strength or ability to hurt. Get angry, yell, and fight as — as you can.
  9. Use common objects as weapons. Many weapons can be found in the environment.



Know Your Body: Medical Care in NYC



Know Your Body!


Get tested, in NYC everyone should know their status!


Completely free clinic! Get tested for everything from herpes to HIV/AIDS. Get results same day and everyone is super friendly!


NY Department of Health

(Be there early!)

(Call day before to make sure it’s open!)


Gay Men’s Health Center

Testings and counseling totally free!

PS: You don’t have to be gay or even a man to go here!


Planned Parenthood NYC

Great place… testing, birth control and pregnancy testing! FREE.








How To Join


Moxie welcomes all feminists and feminists-in-training, from all divisions of The New School. If you are curious about finding out more about us, come to one of our open monthly meetings!


To make it official (and we do need official members!), send an email to We will send you an invite to your Yahoo Group,



Founding Sisters

MOXIE’s Core Members…


Taryn is a recent lang graduate who is a walking new york college grad cliche’. she lives in brooklyn, drinks on mondays and likes to play on friendster. she slings sex toys and teaches workshops at the awesome establishment toys in babeland instead of looking for a “job-job” in her “craft”, television production. taryn likes swearing and has a real special affinity for nerds, which is great because moxie is full of both.


Allison bear

5th year lang senior, ex-parsons student, flying trapeze instructor, acrobat. likes to wear overalls and eat ice cream. hopes there comes a day when she can stand on one hand for a whole minute.


Ashley Miller, Ashley, otherwise known as Smash or Asslee. Lang Alum, New School employee. Consumes large quantities of tofu and dreams of big muscles. She hasn’t read a damn thing since graduating except trashy lesbian novellas. She listens to talk radio more than to music and prefers board games over bar scenes. Although she has no idea what she will do next, when

she grows up she wants to teach young girls how to fix cars, stick it to the man, knit ties, shake their ass, kick ass, and kill a street

harrasser with their baby toe. The end.




the craziest hula hooper you’ll ever meet…once caught a hoop and started it spinning immeadiately from a rooftop in the village. legs of spring rolls from cheap chinese food joints, stomach of salt and vinegar chips, hair of Velveeta mac and a heart of…..ballantines 40 oz., of course. full of late night giggles, the perfect one for snuggles and reading when it is snowing. throws the best mother fuckin parties at school…..and must have the most talented tongue at school seeing as everybody just keeps comin back for more eRiN.


Mona Weiner, founder of Moxie, graduated from Lang in 2003. She currently teaches early education and finds ways to sneak feminism in as much as possible, be it by placing “Happy to be Nappy” on the bookshelf or by changing to lyrics in “Wheels On The Bus” to include “parents” rather than “mommies.” She is in the process of applying to graduate schools for social work. Mona grew up in New York City but now lives in Williamsburg with her girlfriend Jaime, also a Lang alum. Mona was one of the main organizers of Ladyfest East 2002, which she is still in recovery from. In her spare time, she knits, skateboards, writes about her sordid past, obsesses over “Queer as Folk,” and is creating a photography collective.


Jeana Marie

You can take the girl out of the south…but you can’t take the south out of the girl. education/dance concentration at Lang. wears pearls and obnoxious/fabulous lingerie with reckless abandon. cooks a mean sweet potato pie. strives to teach girls and young women about feminism, safe sex and masturbation. loves herstory, dessert, super spicy food, and burlesque. secret passions include 70s soul music like earth, wind and fire, stilettos heels, rollerskating, booty/harlem shakin, love makin and fierce positive social change.



I am a lang graduate, law school bound, fixed gear riding, book devouring, bad spanish speaking, kick yer ass if i have to feminist. I bake the best vegan cinnamon rolls and have conversations on deconstructing gender roles at the same time. I am tired of explaining that feminism is good for everybody. It is. When ya’ll gonna wise up?



Shante’ is Lang Senior double concentrating in psychology and writing. She is a bad skateboarding, ear stretching, lip gauging, meat eating, music junkie, hooping (not basketball), book reader with wanderlust and poet tendencies. Also a sneaker obessed, mesh hat wearer with smelly tunnels. When she’s not modifying the body or possibly falling on it she wants to save the world one disenfranchized community at a time and has a top*secret 12 year revolution plan.


Current Leadership





Shen was raised by baby boomers to only listen to authority when it has a point—not when it’s just throwing its weight around. She came to Lang to study creative writing and ended up embroiled in Moxie, the music program, and Seminar Fellows. To keep up momentum, she sticks to her allergen-free diet (gluten, soy, egg), and reads a mixture of intricate scifi/fantasy and trashy romance novels. She is your CyberMistress and you shall bow before her and lavish praise upon this fabulous website! Savvy?





Goodies & Fun


Rainy day? Try some of MOXIE’s Favorites to Spice up

your Life…



House of the Spirits, Isabel Allende

Tuck Everlasting, Natalie Babbitt

Susie Bright’s Sexual State Of theUnion

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Little Birds, Anis Nin

all about love, bellhooks

Life of Pi

Anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Michelle Tea

The Red Tent



The Openings of Misty Beethoven

Edward Scissorhands

Chasing Amy


Soylent Green







Keep loving, keep fighting by hope [New Orleans]

Rocket Queen [New Orleans],

America? by Travis [Gainesville],

Greenzine by Cristy [Miami/New Orleans],

I’m johnny and I don’t give a f**k by Andy [Vancouver]




Favorite Quotes:

“Life Shrinks or Expands in Proportion to One’s Courage”

Anais Nin

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” Mae West

“We’re all born naked, the rest is drag” RuPaul

“Give me liberty or give me death” Patrick Henry

(still relevant eh?)


Places to Indulge


Toys in Babeland

Everyone’s favorite feminist run sex shop.


And don’t forget… there are GOODWILLS in NYC!

And remember, Salvation Army doesn’t care for queers!




There are tons of Indy/small bookshops just look around

PS lots of public libraries, too.

Many of these stores are small/independent and have a generous selection of feminist texts along with other political


Bluestockings Books (activist resource center) Used to be feminist, now activist, but still a great space for hanging out. Amazing political sections and you can hold/attend events there!


St. Mark’s Books (good radical selection)

Good hangout space, no pressure.


Strand Books (Largest used book store in world)

Good for browsing, hard for finding specifics.


Forbidden Planet (comics)

Any secret comic dorks?


Housing Works Used Book Café (cool space)


NOTE: Our NSU store is Barnes & Noble but lots of the time you can find the books at small places with some effort. Also encourage professors to use other locations. Ann Snitow once took us on Blue Stockings/Toys in Babeland Tour to buy our books!


If you get off the L at Bedford/Lorimer, lots of little bookstores.


Liberation Books (black struggles/political)


Clovis Press (Zines, lefty books, etc)


Soft Skull Press (radical independent publisher)


Revolution Books (communist)



FREE (pg 10)


In New York anyone can easily be convinced that everything is expensive all the time, but if you look around and read between the letters and lines you will find those little treasures no one explicitly tells you is free.


We’ve taken the time to make your search that much easier. Enjoy!



American Numismatic Society


Artists Space

Greene St


National Museum of the American Indian


Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Tuesday & Saturday Free until noon


Asia Society

Fridays, 6-9pm


Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conversation Park

Wednesday (Pay what you wish day)


Metropolitan Museum of Art


Brooklyn Museum of Art


So now you know a few free ones you should know which are suggested donation, meaning you pay what you wish when you wish and if they hassle you please feel NO QUALMS in reminding them it is a suggested donation


The Cloisters


American Museum of Natural History



Now that you’ve had your fun, you may want some exercise, so how do you get a workout in NY for free?



Critical Mass the last Friday of every month



NY Road Runners site could help you find a local running club


Need a Gym?

Most fitness centers in NY (especially the “big guys”) will let you have at least a free 7 day gym membership as a trial period. You may like them, you may not, but you got to try it out.



Union Square is home to many skateboarders, rollerbladers, and bmx bikers. You could make friends and learn a new trick. There’s always need for feminism in male-dominated sports!




Change the World


Know Your Representatives (Senate, House)


# of women in NYC, # owning businesses, # earning minimum wage. (US Conference of Mayors)

*list Mayor & Governor


NOW NYC Branch

Center for Reproductive Rights


Lesbian & Gay Law Association of Greater NY

Legal Momentum


Know Who’s On Your Side

Feminism isn’t restricted to marches and DIY events. Feminism should be present in our laws and policies as well. Make it your business to know what a politician’s agenda is about. Vote for people who protect women’s rights and let those who try to erode the gains made over the past 50 years know that you won’t take it.


Register to vote at the County Board of Elections


Apathy is lame… you can vote, so you should.


-A great source to look up your local politician and check out their stance on issues that are important to you. Look at how they actually voted and find out how to contact them.



Brooklyn Women’s Shelter

A shelter supporting homeless, mentally ill women. Give a helping hand to someone who needs it.


Women’s Prison Association and Hopper Home.

Services include halfway house for ex-offenders, GED training program for high school drop-outs and young offenders. Help tutor someone so they can get their GED.


Green Guerrillas

Dedicated to community gardening and environmentalism through the beautification of NYC. Make this city a little greener.



The American Association for AID Research is a pioneer organization leading the way in AIDS research. Always an important subject to be a part of.


Victims for Victims

Peer support organization for victims of violent crimes. Most violent crimes are committed against women. Help council another peer.






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