Who is President Bob Kerrey of the New School?

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The president of The New School for Social Research in Manhattan:

Bob Kerrey– According to his own word, on the night of February 25th, 1969 Commanding Officer Bob Kerrey and his Navy Seal Elite Commando Unit murdered at least 13 innocent Vietnamese Women and Children in the Thanh Phong Village .

– According to Gerhard Klann, an experienced soldier under Kerrey’s command on the night of 2/25/69, Kerrey personally helped him with the killings of an innocent elderly man, woman and three children found in a hut, by rounding them up and shooting them to prevent them from raising alarm. According to Klann, the other 8 plus civilians were killed the same way by Kerrey’s unit.

– The discriminate killings are also supported by a Vietnamese Woman who witnessed the horrible massacre.

– Kerrey received a bronze star from the US Government concerning his actions in Thanh Phong.

– The Vietnamese Government has charged Kerrey with War Crimes concerning Thanh Phong, and has publicly told Kerrey to “help heal the wounds that he has caused.”

– While Kerrey has admitted to some of his actions in Vietnam and has expressed his feelings of “anguish and guilt,” (only after stepping down from the senate, and becoming New School president) he has never acted in the support of Vietnamese resistance against American occupation and French imperialism, nor any people’s led struggle for liberation. He has not made any efforts to personally apologize to the families of those
who he and his commanding unit massacred, nor has he supported any efforts for reparations. After mass student protests demanding his resignation as president of New School University due to his criminal past and unacceptable steps to apologize for what he has done, Kerrey refused to step down. He has failed to help heal the wounds that he has caused. Never has Kerry denounced war which results in the wrongful massacres of innocent civilians. In fact, he has only supported and promoted it, and continues to do so.

– Bob Kerrey is a member of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. This is an organization led mainly by right-wing activists closely associated with George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Its chairman is Bruce Jackson, former vice-president of war manufacturer, Lockheed Martin and also former chairman to the Republican Party
Platform’s Subcommittee for National Security and Foreign Policy. The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq is a pro-war organization which undoubtedly supports the ongoing occupation which has resulted in thousands of deaths of innocent Iraqis, and massacres almost undistinguishable from Kerrey’s infamous, Thanh Phong.

– In March of 2005, in a letter addressed to the Students for a Democratic Society at the New School University, Bob Kerrey lashed out against University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill, claiming he should be fired. In the letter Kerrey also voiced his support for the unjust convictions of Mumia Abu-Jamal and Lynne Stewart.

– Kerrey’s administration has spent well over $1 million dollars against the part-time faculty union, ACTU-UAW. He and his administration have refused until recently (and only reached recent agreement to avoid public humiliation, non-filtered exposure and a decrease in money) to grant workers basic human rights.

– Kerrey and his administration have mishandled tuition money by spending significant amounts on “Project Mirror,” the newest ad campaign spearheaded by Siegel & Gale, a multi-billion dollar corporation responsible for the branding of major capitalist and imperialist interests including Dell, IBM, Pfizer, American Express and the United
States Airforce.

– Invited by Bob Kerrey, Republican John McCain comes to speak at New School Commencement ceremony in May of 2006 in what seems to be a pit stop on an early presidential tour. Heckled by graduates and ripped to shreds in a speech by by student Jean Rohe, McCain leaves in shame. Kerrey later tries to co-opt the rebelliousness of the crowd by

– In September of 2006, the father of the “conservative revolution” in the Congress, Newt Gingrich, comes to speak on poverty for Milano. As students protest inside and outside – with chalk, flyers, a banner, a disruption, and even a fire alarm – Kerrey tries to manage the show by debating Gingrich himself. Predictably, they end up “disappointing” each other by agreeing all too often.

– If the New School is going through an updated revamp in all its aspects, then it surely has too gone from liberal to neoliberal, and Kerrey is the posterchild of such a transition.


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